Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our New Project

Hello everybody!
Happy new year to you all!
First off,let me introduce you to us,we are a homeschooling family of 5-mom,dad & three girls ages 12,14 & 16.This is our 2nd round of homeschooling.We had a break of 5 years that my girls were in public school and now they are back home.We love learning about the world and we love letters.

Now the wheels turn....
A few weeks ago my daughters and I were talking about what we would like to do this new year (school wise). Since we homeschool we are always open to new ideas.We then had this excellent idea to try to collect 2011 letters this year from around the world.We would really like to get to know people from all over the world.We want to know your dreams for this year,we want to know about you...anything (acceptable for kids to read,of course).We can't travel the world but we would like to get to know about other people/cultures through letters.We want to know everything.Tell us your traditions,share a recipe with us,share a picture of your city/farm/village,where ever you live,we want to know about it.You are special to us and your beautiful letter will be preserved in a special box for us to look back through as the year passes and maybe future generations will be reading these letters. :)

This blog will be dedicated only to the letters we receive through this project.We will scan all letters (or just envelopes),pictures,etc that we receive and post them here for all the world to see.My daughters and I are really hoping that this will be a success.I think it's a great way for my children to learn about others through the best art ever...a written letter which has seemed to slowly fade away from mankind these days with all the technology humans have.We are a letter loving family so please send us your letters.

Please pass the word to your family and friends about our project.Anybody,anywhere can write us a letter.Help us meet our goal of 2011 letters!

Email us at


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  2. Wow,your project is exactly like ours with the same background?

  3. Hi Renee, *laughs* no the project is not excactly like yours and as you can also see my blog is older - it is filled with lots of other things not only letter writing stuff but also swap stuff such as tutorials and swap-bot swaps. The background has been there for ages too, it is a standard blogger/blogspot background :-)

  4. Sorry for accidently deleting my first post it just said that I looked forward to sending the letter I'm writing you and stated the link of my swapblog.


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