Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hello everybody! Just wanted to keep you all updated....we have been having people sign up everyday to send us a letter,so that's wonderful! We haven't gotten any more letters since the last letter we posted but we should get one soon...hopefully it will be this week! Although we did get a postcard from Michigan...with a letter to follow at another time.I will give a proper post & thanks at a later time,I promise. I will have to wait to post it another time because we are all sick now.I'm typing this from my bed.As soon as my daughters are feeling well,I will have them post their introductions.Again,I'd like to thank all the people who have signed up & for our list of followers which continues to grow.Thanks so much to everybody for helping us try to reach our goal and to those of who who are spreading the word.You don't know how much it means to us,we really appreciate it!We are so excited everyday when the mailman comes hoping it will be a letter for the letter project.We can't wait to learn about how other people live & possibly get letters in another language.It's so exciting since every letter will be like a surprise since they will each be so different and unique...even if they come from the same country.We will be back as soon as we are all better or when we get a letter...which ever comes first.Till then I hope you are all doing fine!

PS-We keep watching our page views climb higher and higher but aren't getting nearly as many sign ups,so we do hope you will consider taking 5 minutes from your day to write us a letter.Thanks!

Our email is in the sidebar to your right if you would like to join,thanks!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Your letter project sounds like a wonderful idea.

  2. That picture is so great! Thank you, kiitos, in Finnish :)


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