Thursday, January 20, 2011

Letter #3 from England

Well,even though it's gloomy out and we are all sick in bed,we had something exciting happen! The mailman brought us another lovely letter for the letter project.I'll give you some clues below to see if you can figure out if it's your letter....

Has anybody figured out where this letter came from? Well,it's all the way from England! The lovely Rachael sent us this wonderful letter below with a postcard of her town and some photos,which we think is really cool.We love the train station photo,too. :) Rachael is a film maker and owner of Glass Completey Empty Productions.She's putting together a lovely art project about our favorite thing- penpalling! We think that is so cool especially since most people don't even write anymore...I even hear it's becoming a problem for kids and that some kids cannot even spell anymore because of all the abbreviations kids use when sad! Anyways,stop by her blog and tell her hi and that you love her idea for a documentary on letter writing.I hope it never becomes a total lost art.Thanks so much for the lovely letter Rachael and I hope you didn't mind us sharing your blog on here.... free advertising,right;) Enjoy her letter below:

Please keep the momentum going....tell everybody you know about our project to help us reach our goal.No letter is too short or too long.Maybe you know a teacher looking for a writing project for her class.We'd love to get some letters from children and their information would be anonymous since they would be mailed from school and each letter would be counted individually & posted on this blog so they could see their own letter on a blog.I think it would be so interesting to read about schools in other countries so we could compare them to the schools over here.

Rachael,I'm sure you'll be hearing back from my daughter once she's feeling better...she was so excited when you contacted her about your project!

If you're new to this blog,feel free to email me at the address on the right sidebar for more information about our project or with any concerns.Thanks and as always,please continue to help us spread the word to get more letters!

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