Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Letter Arrived...2,010 to go.

Our first letter arrived today...actually it was addressed to my daughter but meant for this project,please remember if you are penpals with us please don't address the envelope to us personally,please address it to 2011 Letters project so we can keep them separated,thanks!

Who is the letter from you ask,well,you will have to wait a little longer as my camera battery died on us so it's charging,but we promise to be back with a picture letting you know which country it came from.This is so exciting!We hope this starts a chain reaction and that we start getting letters everyday...that would be so cool! (Is cool still a popular word to say or is it lame?...been out of school too long, but I like to think I'm still cool) :)

Tomorrow one of my daughters will be introducing herself.Maybe you would like to be her penpal after sending a letter...my daughters are all looking for penpals.We love mail.Our mailman is our bff...without him we have nothing to cheer up these gloomy days we have been having!So c'mon and get writing....your letter could be the next one to be pictured on here for all the world to see!You know all the cool people are writing to us,so be a part of this awesome project!Hmm,maybe I can get the president and his family to join in...I'm going to email them right now and I'll let you know how it goes.

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