Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Great response so far!

Wow,thank you to the many people who have already joined in on our project! We appreciate your support in this.It will be so great to see my daughters reading the letters about others from all over the world.I think they will learn so much more from this project than any textbook could ever teach them. I always felt that sometimes it's better to get know about others who are actually from another place by talking to them (or writing to them) than from someone who went on vacation and wrote down only what he/she thought was interesting.We are curious to learn about everything.

image from perfect bound studio

This project has no age limitations....if you want to send us handprint from a baby,that's fine with us :) ...we'd love to get letters especially from older folks who could tell us about their childhoods so we can imagine what life must have been like since things are always changing.

We want to know anything you are willing to share with us...tell us a favorite recipe,tell us your hobby,tell us about your family,tell us what makes you happy or sad.Don't limit yourself,but please keep it appropriate for my kids to read,too.This is a family project,after all.If you would like to add pictures or brochures,ticket stubs,or anything with your native language on it,we'd be thrilled.

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These letters will be held in a special case that is yet to be bought...I just went shopping but didn't find that special box for them.I want these letters to be passed down to my grandchildren and so on. I am so excited about how my children will view the world after this.I know there are so many nice people in the world that we will never get to meet but at least we will have the letters to look back on.I think there's nothing better than the compassion of humanity & so many people have been so kind to us as we begin this project so thanks to all of you who have already joined in.We are awaiting our first letter & will post about it as soon as it arrives.What country will it be from.....hmm,we'll have to wait to find out. ;) Wanna take a guess?

We are even thinking of having PRIZES! Yes, you heard that right,prizes! We are thinking about offering prizes for the letter sent from the farthest distance from us & for the most decorative envelope/letter (we may even ask for your help in judging the for the finals) since we do love pretty letters and maybe we'll pick a random letter...when we get your letter we'll number it in the order received and at the end of the year we will put all the numbers into a bowl and pick a winner!So what are you waiting for,get your pen and paper out and start writing and maybe you can be our winner!Come on writers and help us reach our goal of 2,011 letters!

Please help us out and post about us on your facebook and twitter pages (we don't do either) but would love help spreading the word.Tell your friends and family members...everybody is welcome to participate.Hmm,wonder if we can get any astronauts to join in from outer space?We'd also love to hear from book authors from around the world.If you are reading this then we want to hear from you!Don't be shy,don't think we won't like your letter because every letter will be held precious to us.No excuses allowed,just do it!

Email us at reneealam@verizon.net to participate.Thanks!

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