Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Letter #270 from Montana

Letter #270 comes from Malinda in Montana.Malinda was also homeschooled and graduated only tow years ago.

She says that her city of Bozeman is the best place on earth and that she feels like she lives where people want to vacation at.Wow,Bozeman should really have her be their spokesperson for the area after reading that great slogan! :) How many of us can say the same about where we live?

Some of Malinda's favorite activities include ultimate frisbee,reading fiction books,making up new words,cooking (especially soups),finding funny quotes,such as this one - "the average person thinks he isn't". :) Oh,and she also likes meaningful quotes,like this one from Maya Angelou- "I've learned that people will forget what you said,forget what you did,but people will never forget how you made them feel".I would definitely agree with that quote because I know for myself I always think about how a person made me feel when I visited them,did they make me feel like I was family or did I feel more like I was there to take up space.I'm sure we can all relate to that at some point and recall how someone could have done something else to make us feel better.

Bozeman is surrounded by mountains that have white peaks all year long....sounds like a postcard doesn't it?She says they have about nine months of winter each year,so if you are going to Montana,you better like snow and cold weather. :) She said that the coldest day she could remember was when it was -43°.I can remember in Michigan when the wind chill was around
-32°.... our eyelids had frozen and even the insides of our noses were frozen...that's how cold it was and when your eyes would tear up from the wind,it would just freeze,so we know how cold that is and I don't think temps that cold are any fun at all and neither does she. :) She does mention that they get beautiful summers and that the sky is always blue there.Didn't I tell you she needs to work for the tourism department of her area?

She also enjoys knitting warm things for winter.At least with 9 months of winter,they will definitely be used.She is currently working on a sweater.I hope it gets done before the temps drop too low.I'm sure it will start getting cold there soon,if it hasn't already.

She also told us some of the craziest things she has done...remember,she is only 18,so I'm sure she will have many more to add to this list soon. ;)

-rode an elephant when she was 10 years old
-she collected and sold worms when she was 6...wow,she must have great neighbors if they bought worms! :)
-she read 200 books in one summer for the summer reading program-super!
-she ate raw squid...don't want to ask how it tasted :)
-she stuffed 18 marshmellows into her mouth and was able to say "chubby bunny" coherently. lol!
-she's had dreadlock for two years
-she sat within 5 feet of a black bear
-she played paintball and loved it

She also wanted to share her list of crazy things she plans to do: (I don't find most of them crazy at all,but maybe to others)

-pierce her nose
-get married
-save her first kiss for her wedding day (wow,is she one in a million guys!)
-have/adopt 6-10 kids
-homeschool her children
-learn several languages
-sing in public
-go on a mission trip
-publish a work of fiction
- bring a little heaven to earth (maybe that can be done by adopting like she wants to do. :) )

Thanks so much Malinda for your creative letter.She also made us a cute handmade card,which can all be seen below:

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  1. So funny list about the craziest things she has done :) It was so nice to read this letter!!!


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